At the time of releasing the Garden Child Collection, we are entering a transitional season where the last moments of summer are starting to wind down. The air slowly cools, vacations are coming to an end and the sun doesn't seem to shine as bright as the day before. People are beginning to transition into their fall routines where a new season of new activities and responsibilities begins to take shape. Although there is much to look forward to as we enter autumn, sometimes we can't help but anticipate all the new stresses that come with it. People can get in the habit of waving away the moments in between seasons, the moments of transition where we're anxiously anticipating a new one to start.

I think that it's important that we find beauty in the transitional periods in our lives just as much as the fully formed seasons. It's easy to fall into the pattern of wishing away our days so that we can quickly move on to the next thing. As a result, we neglect to live in the moment. Taking the time to seek beauty in the everyday can make going into the next season less hectic and strengthen your ability to handle what comes next.


The Garden Child Collection is all about celebrating the moments that bring joy to our lives. For me, one of those things is nature. The bright color palette and vivid floral patterns were inspired by the healing energy that comes with surrounding yourself with the beauty of nature. I think that nourishing yourself by being around that which brings you joy, can also inspire resilience and an overall healthier well-being. I hope that these pieces help to uplift your space and encourage you to seek beauty in the everyday!


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Brooke Irby